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The "Brains" behind News from Redneckville.

The "Brains" behind News from Redneckville.

L. Mae Beckner and Elizabeth Kathryn Loekee are the brains behind News From Redneckville. Both were raised in small farming communities — Mae in southern Illinois and Liz in west-central Illinois.

Mae claims she first realized she was a full-blooded redneck when her brother served the family a dish that combined quail, venison and catsup. She also recalls Christmas ornaments made out of babyfood jars with lights and vacationing in a pop-up camper fixed up by her dad.

While Liz believes that she was born 50% redneck and 50% hick, being a redneck has definitely been a major focal point in her life. Liz’s family home sports a concrete painted pig in the front yard and holiday gifts are traditionally made of flannel. The deep-fried turkey has become the newest family custom during the holiday season.

It wasn’t until working and living in Chicago that Mae and Liz began to recognize and appreciate what it is to be from a small town and the strong character traits of rednecks. Thus they now want to share with the rest of the world the true artistic nature of the redneck society.

Marie Halburton is also a full-blooded redneck, has contributed artistic services to this project. A designer in Chicago, Marie claims her mouth still gets watery anytime her dad informs her that he’s frozen a squirrel to fry during her next visit home. Marie remains proud that her local newspaper includes the pond reports, which detail where the fish are biting.

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