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Dancing Redneck Baby

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Redneck Story Competition


News from Redneckville stories should embody the proper character of rednecks and provide other rednecks with a sense of kinship and connection. Stories that feature the simple items that have made rednecks popular — such as trucks, big hair, tooth problems, duct tape, wildlife, dogs, drive-in liquor stores — are of particular interest. Rednecks using new artistic forms are also especially appreciated.

Some examples could include, but are definitely not limited to: weddings in odd locations, the day Cloyd was shot in a accident involving his dog, the farmer that spray painted “cow” on the side of his cattle so they wouldn’t get shot during deer-hunting season, legal mishaps such as actions of nudity where the assailant was caught hiding under a trailer, or guys in the local tavern sharing their thoughts.

If these story ideas seem typical to you, then give yourself a hardy pat on the back and feel proud to be a real redneck.

Humor, of course, is a huge plus.

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